AviationAviation - General/Small Craft

General aviation accidents require substantial resources and experience to be successful.

Skelton, Taintor & Abbott has those resources and experience.

General aviation is a phrase that the federal government uses to describe airplanes that are used by individuals as opposed to commercial airlines. Skelton, Taintor & Abbott is experienced at handling Maine general aviation accidents. General aviation accidents commonly focus in three areas:

  1. Pilot error
  2. Equipment failure
  3. Runway problems

One of the difficulties with small aircraft crashes is that they often lead to deaths, that is, crashes without eye witnesses.  Small planes have no black boxes to tell what happened after the fact.

Successfully prosecuting small plane crash cases involves resources and experts from multiple areas of expertise. Experts in aviation engines, metallurgy, piloting error and airplane maintenance. Today, more and more planes are refurbished old planes or so-called “experimental planes,” which complicates cases even more. The difficulty of handling these cases is illustrated by the Maine Supreme Court case of Green v. Cessna Aircraft, (1996). In that case, a float plane cart wheeled upon landing in Togus Pond in Augusta, killing the pilot. The question was why. A damaged control cable was found. However, the Maine Supreme Court threw out the case because of a lack of evidence as to why the cable was damaged.

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