Maine Bad Faith Insurance Attorneys

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In the state of Maine, an insurance company has a duty to act in good faith and deal fairly with its policy holders and to act in good faith in the settlement of claims. If an insurance company breaches that duty, you may be able to collect damages against the insurer.

For more than a century and a half, the experienced attorneys at Skelton, Taintor & Abbott have helped our clients achieve successful results in bad-faith insurance claims in Auburn, Rockland, Waterville, Augusta, Bangor, Lewiston, Biddeford, Portland, South Portland and throughout the state of Maine. Contact us online or call us at (207) 784-3200 or 1-800-639-7026 for an evaluation of your case.

We have insight and experience in handling bad-faith insurance claims, which generally arise in two different situations.

  • The first situation occurs when you are the policy holder, and you submit a legitimate claim. An insurance company acts in bad faith when it tries to get out of paying your claim by failing to promptly investigate it, refusing to recognize it or offering an amount that is well below the fair value of the claim.  A good example of this is a claim on a homeowner’s policy after a fire.
  • The second situation occurs when the insurance company has a duty to defend a claim brought against you.  The obligation to defend claims in Maine is broad.  So for example, a homeowner’s insurer may be required to pay your attorney fees in a land dispute.  The company may also refuse to settle a claim against you and expose you to a liability claim.

Although Maine does not recognize an independent bad-faith insurance tort claim, you can still seek relief by bringing actions for breach of contract, or breach of the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing, or breach of Maine statutes.

If you have suffered a personal injury or loss of property due to an accident, you want to believe that your insurance company will be on your side. If you discover that the company is not acting in your best interests, then it is important to work with an attorney who can protect your rights.

If you believe that you are the victim of a bad-faith insurance practice, call the experienced attorneys at Skelton, Taintor & Abbott at (207) 784-3200, 1-800-639-7026 or contact us online to discuss your legal options.