Maine Electrocution, Gas Explosion and Fire Injury Lawyers

Electrical shocks, gas explosions and fires often cause catastrophic injuries or even death.   Electrical or burn injuries can cause loss of limbs as well as loss of life, severe disfigurement, inability to work, and years of expensive medical treatment and rehabilitation services that can be devastating to you and your family.


Severe injury or death as a result of electrocution can result from a defective product in the home or workplace, as a result of accidental contact with a power line, or when an electric utility’s power lines are not properly constructed or maintained.

Gas Explosions.

Severe injury or death can result from defective natural and propane gas appliances in the home or business, from:

  • Leaks
  • Failure of a service company to properly turn off service
  • Improper installation or maintenance of gas lines or other facilities
  • Equipment contact with underground gas pipelines
  • Failure of utilities or others to properly mark the location of underground lines before excavation

Electric and gas utilities are required by federal and state laws to follow strict safety requirements in the construction, operation and maintenance of their facilities.  They also have a duty to make sure that their lines are inspected and maintained in a safe condition, and that proper marking is undertaken before excavation.   In fact, in some circumstances, a gas utility may be liable for injuries caused by gas explosions even if they were not negligent.

Fire and Smoke.

Fires and smoke from a fire are two of the most common and serious causes of injury or death.  Fires can be caused by the negligence or fault of others as a result of defective products, such as toasters or heaters that are manufactured or sold to customers, or as a result of the failure to properly install or maintain facilities in the workplace or at home.

Also, landlords and building owners who rent to others can be responsible for losses, injuries and deaths caused by fires resulting from their failure to comply with safety codes or ordinances in the installation and maintenance of fire protection devices such as fire suppression devices or smoke alarms.

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